City folks were stunned by "Live Action" suddenly bursting into life in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, last weekend
It all began when the event organizer, Astro, placed a Gong at the Lalaport outlet in Bukit Bintang, "inviting" visitors to hit it for a surprise to happen.

When someone did hit the Gong, familiar characters from the "Premier League", "Muzikal Lawak Superstar", "Money Heist: Korea", "Star Wars" and more sprung to live, exciting the surprised audience. In addition, the audience was also entertained with the action stunt from the latest Hollywood blockbuster “The Gray Man”.

The "On-Ground Activation" stunt was Astro's way to express their gratitude to the never-ending support shown by Malaysians.
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'Terima Kasih Malaysia' for all the support shown throughout the years!