Ever heard of the Long Journey time (LJT) fine? It's been around for ages, but it's still confusing for some.

The Long Journey Time (LJT) fine is a penalty imposed on drivers or motorists who fail to provide a valid reason or evidence for exceeding the set travel time during their trip when making payment at the exit toll plaza. This fine is particularly relevant in PlusHigways.

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As explained by PLUS Malaysia, the purpose of the LJT fine is to deter and address toll transit card manipulation activities. These activities involve certain drivers attempting to manipulate their toll transit cards to avoid accurate toll charges. These practices are often carried out by irresponsible motorists at specific locations on the highway.

The LJT fine is determined based on an estimated travel time between two toll booths, taking into account factors such as the speed limit on the route, traffic congestion, accidents, and vehicle breakdowns. These factors can contribute to drivers exceeding their expected travel time between toll booths.

Stay within the time limit! Road users on PLUS highways are urged to not exceed 20 hours.

It's important to note that the LJT fine is only imposed if a driver or motorist fails to provide a reasonable excuse or evidence for exceeding the set travel time when asked by toll booth staff upon exiting the highway. In other words, if they can provide a valid explanation for the delay, the fine may not be applied.

The purpose of the LJT fine is to ensure that toll payment is fair and accurate, discouraging fraudulent practices that may manipulate toll charges.

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