In Hinduism, it is believed the soul which departs from the human body will be taken to Yamalokam, the abode of Lord Yaman.

Lord Yaman, who is known as the lord of death and justice, is responsible for evaluating the sins committed by humans on earth and to punish sinners accordingly.

There's a belief that the Lord sends in four warning letters to the mortals. Here's the story behind Lord Yaman's four letters:

Amrita and The Four Letters

As per the legends, there once lived a man named Amrita who was afraid of death.

One day, he came up with an idea that he wouldn't have to be scared of death if he befriended Lord Yaman himself, and meditated to the lord of death.

Lord Yaman, who was pleased with Amrita's tough meditation, appeared before him and agreed to grant his wish.

Amrita requested the Lord send him four letters to warn him of his death, so he could prepare proper provisions for his family, perform good deeds for a better next life and worship Lord Krishna.

Lord Yaman agreed happily.

Years passed and Amrita lived a sinful life without the fear of death.

As he grew old, his hair turned grey; his teeth started falling one by one; his vision started to dim, and he got paralysed. But he was still happy not to receive any letter from the lord.

Then he died one day and arrived in front of the Lord of death. Amrita who felt betrayed confronted the Lord, to which Lord Yaman answered:

"Your bodily changes - grey hair, falling teeth, blurred vision, and paralysed body - are the four letters that I've sent to you, and time was the messenger. But you ignored all my letters."

It is believed Lord Yaman sends these four letters to all individuals, except to the ones who die at a young age.

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