Astro recently caught up with director SD Puvanendran, Director and Cast of this intriguing series of Maaya Regai to find out their inspiration, hopes and experience of working in the series.

Maaya Regai is all about the journey of the mystical 'Angai Chuvadi' from late 1800s India to Old Malaya, as its prophetic powers not only predict the future but also profoundly alter the lives of those it encounters

Asking about the inspiration behind directing Maaya Regai, SD Puvanendran has stated that:

A conflict between good and evil - the plot itself was the biggest inspiration behind directing Maaya Regai. The subject matter of a person with adermatoglyphia’s exploration creates the biggest curiosity and intertwines multiple layers of storytelling. Yesteryear TV serials such as Marmadesam, Vidathu Karuppu, Rudra Veenai and Sorna Regai were the biggest guidance in creating our own creative presentation.

There’s no denying that there’ll be a plethora of significant memories while directing any kind of series, telemovies and feature films. And it same goes to Maaya Regai.

From spotting Gua Damai, the cave which located in Batu Caves – it was the most memorable moment for the director. Apart from being the main location of the premise, the cave is a main feature of this series. A cave with significant features was a vital requirement for the script. Acquiring permission to shoot in that cave and the surrounding forest area was the most significant memory that will last forever.

Next, we will have Kavitha Thiagarajan and Moon Nila about the cast who have acted in Maaya Regai who also shared their experience of working in this series.

Speaking about the role which was played by Kavitha:

Maaya Regai is a very special series for me. I played the role of ‘Sayuri’, a bold and unmerciful antagonist character. In my years of acting experience, I have never portrayed a fascinating role as ‘Sayuri’. She is the female warrior who is ready to sacrifice her soul in her quest to find the “Angai Chuvadi” (Mystical Book) to awake God ‘Iraniyathchan’ from the dead. I imagined ‘Sayuri’ to be a real warrior as mentioned in many of our Indian Mythological stories and I performed my best to bring justice to her role in this undeniably captivating series.

Moon Nila: Playing a sex worker has been in my bucket list for my acting career, and it has been fulfilled through Maaya Regai. This role could be seen as taboo and thus many would refuse to play however, I think for me it has various emotions as deep as the ocean. This role complements my principle of portraying any character with utmost respect and dignity by not having any obscene scenes. Sex workers tend to be seen in a negative light with stereotypical judgment. People usually fail to understand that they’re into that work only for a living and they too humans who have emotions. To be honest, I had a real tough time understanding and portraying this character due to its nature.

Speaking about experience of acting in Maaya Regai Kavitha and Moon Nila have share with us accordingly:

Kavitha: I have given my fullest dedication in all aspects right from my voice modulation, and facial expressions to reactions to bring the ‘Sayuri’ character to life. Thanks to the Maaya Regai team for such a great opportunity given to portray the role of ‘Sayuri’.

Moon Nila: The moment I was confirmed for this role by the director and the producer, I had some anxiety because I wanted to give my best to justify my dream role. The entire team including the producer, director, cast, and crew encouraged, supported, and motivated me throughout this series. As such, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them for their unwavering support. Besides that, I had the opportunity to wear sarees throughout this series and it has complemented my love for sarees. Every person has his/her own story, and he/she is the hero of his/her story. Thus, we should not judge a book by its cover and should be kind to everyone.

If you missed catching Maaya Regai on Vinmeen, catch it on sooka and On Demand!