In a heartening MOVE captured on TikTok, user @puteq_unipurple shares a touching connection with a cleaner at a college in Penang. Amidst the challenges of student life, the cleaner warmly greets the student, offering support and forming an unexpected but cherished friendship.

The video unfolds as the student, Iskandar, prepares for an evening exam. The camaraderie between Iskandar and the cleaner, affectionately referred to as "Mak Cik," is revealed in their daily morning greetings. Over time, they discovered a shared birthday month, deepening their bond.

Thank you so much✨?? Semoga Allah merahmati dan murahkan rezeki semua acik acik ni❤️‍?

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“We’ve been close since my first day. On the day of the incident, the makcik received numerous gifts from her fellow friends, and she generously decided to share them with me.”

Iskandar expresses gratitude for the Mak Cik's caring gestures, recounting moments when she ensured he had eaten and occasionally provided breakfast before his classes. The connection culminated in a heartwarming incident where the Mak Cik received gifts from friends and chose to share them generously with Iskandar.

This uplifting friendship serves as a reminder of the positive impact small connections can have in the midst of the demanding student life. May the enduring bond between Iskandar and the Mak Cik inspire warmth and camaraderie for years to come.

Source / Image Credit : World of Buzz, puteq_unipurple