In conjunction with 'Visit Malaysia 2020', the Malaysian government has granted 15 days of visa exemption for tourists from India and China from Jan 1 to Dec 31 next year.

The tourists are required to register through an electronic travel registration and information system. Upon registration, they need to travel to Malaysia within 3 months and no extension is allowed for the 15-day visa-free period.

After reaching Malaysia, the tourists need to provide the itinerary of their travel plans and show Malaysian authorities that they have sufficient money for their entire stay.

On another note, the Indian government made into headlines earlier this year for increasing the visa fees for Malaysians. They scrapped the over-the-counter tourist visa (USD 40 for 6 months) for Malaysians and introduced the more expensive one and five-year visas, costing USD 100 (RM 407) and USD 200 (RM 814) respectively.

The multiple entry e-Visa which was priced at USD 82 (RM 362) for one year! The move left Malaysians deeply dissatisfied.

Following a severe backlash, the Indian government introduced new, cheaper e-visa fees as stated below:

However, now that Malaysia has offered visa-free travel for Indian tourist, will the India government follow the lead and bring in visa exemption for Malaysians in 2020?

Guess we'll have to wait and see!

Source: Malaysia Kini
Photo Credit: The Malaysian Times