A Malaysian has been appointed the first professor of urology in the historical University of Cambridge.

The Star reported that Prof Vincent J. Gnanapragasam, who hails from Petaling Jaya, also serves an honorary consultant urologist at the university's hospital.

"As far as I can find and on (searching) the University of Cambridge library records, there has not been a Professor of Urology in the university before, so I believe I am the first," he told the daily.

The 52-year-old reportedly completed his primary education at SK La Salle in Petaling Jaya, before continuing his secondary schooling in Singapore.

He then enrolled in medical school in Newcastle in 1988, and graduated with a PhD.

"My work specialises in prostate cancer, researching the disease, and managing it in patients.

"I was appointed a clinician scientist there through a personal award from Cancer Research UK and moved to Cambridge in 2008," he said.

Vincent's promotion as professor came after the 812-year-old university decided to change its official academic titles from "Reader" - an academic title that has existed in the university for hundreds of years, to "University Professor" last year. He was promoted to "Reader" last year, and the transition meant that he is now recognised a Professor.

In addition to his impressive academic credential, Vincent has also invented a device called CamProbe, which is capable of taking prostate biopsies for men with suspected prostate cancer more safely, and has lower infection risk.

He also reportedly holds a number of patents and won numerous prizes for his research.

"Skill, talent, and innovation can come from anyone. Nobody should be deprived of opportunities to realise their full potential.

"It is only through challenge, competition, and adversity that anything meaningful can ever be gained," Vincent stressed.

Kudos on the impressive achievement, and best wishes for reaching greater heights in the future, Professor!

Source: The Star
Photo source: The Star, linkedin.com