Malaysian prominent author Viji Krishnamoorthy is making waves all around the world…

With that, her debut novel bearing the title 912 Batu Road has been nominated in long-listed for the Dublin Literary award.

As the writer went through the platforms which covered the novel, it sounded like a fascinating exploration of the heroic exploits of Malayan wartime heroes during World War II. The fact that the National Library of Malaysia has selected the novel for its history, patriotism, and display of the country's multiracial harmony is a testament to the quality and importance of the work. Historical fiction can be a powerful way to bring the past to life and help readers better understand the complexities of history, and it's exciting to see a writer like Krishnamoorthy tackling such an important subject.

Speaking about the prestigious award ceremony, the fact that the award is nominated and judged by libraries from all over the world and has prize money of €100,000 makes it one of the most unique and significant literary awards. The large number of nominations from 84 libraries in 31 countries and the fact that 14 of the 70 titles are debut works show the diversity and richness of contemporary literature.

Her dedication and persistence in working on "912 Batu Road" for 15 years show her commitment to the story and the characters. It's not uncommon for writers to spend years working on a novel, as the creative process can be lengthy and involve multiple drafts and revisions.

The fact that Viji took the time to refine and perfect her manuscript over the years is a testament to her dedication to her craft. It's wonderful that the novel was finally published in 2021 and has been recognized for its historical and cultural significance.

It's great to see such recognition and support for new and emerging writers, as well as established authors. This award not only celebrates literary excellence but also promotes global literary exchange and collaboration.

Image Credit / Source: The Star