Coach Roobenraj Velayutham joining forces with the Iraqi National Olympic Committee and Badminton Federation to take the game to new heights. Hailing from Malaysia, Coach Roobenraj brings with him a wealth of experience, having been a former player in the Malaysian mixed doubles team.

The appointment of Roobenraj marks a new chapter for the Iraqi national badminton team across all age groups. This strategic move aims to elevate the standard of play and foster the development of champion players under his guidance.

Present at the announcement were esteemed members of the Union, including Mr. Mohamed Dilshad Gabriel and Mr. Van Shawqi, underscoring the significance of this partnership.

On behalf of the Iraqi Badminton Federation, President Haval Abdulaziz Muhammad extends a warm welcome to Coach Robin, expressing confidence in the team's ability to achieve remarkable successes under his leadership. The federation is committed to providing unwavering support and resources to empower coaches and players alike, ensuring continuous improvement and excellence in the sport.

Furthermore, a collaborative effort between the Iraqi Badminton Federation and the Iraqi National Olympic Committee signals a shared commitment to advancing the sport and nurturing a promising future for Iraqi badminton.

Source / Image Credit : Iraqi Badminton Federation