From city streets to warzones and beyond, doctors are the real superheroes who save lives wherever they go!

Dr. Sathia Prakash's commendable and swift response during a recent flight from Malaysia to India underscored the critical role medical professionals can play in emergencies. The incident unfolded approximately 30 minutes before the aircraft's scheduled landing at Chennai International Airport.

During the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Chennai, a critical situation arose on a fateful night. An 80-year-old woman, en route to her hometown in Bangalore, experienced a sudden onset of sweating and subsequently fainted.

"I consistently carry my stethoscope, a practice that proved invaluable during emergency situations. This habit enables me to deliver initial or early diagnoses for prompt emergency medical treatment."

His proactive approach highlighted the importance of having medical examination tools such as stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, and pulse oximeters, on commercial flights to address in-flight emergencies effectively. Fellow passengers and netizens praised Dr. Sathia's dedication to serving others in need, emphasizing the valuable impact of medical preparedness during air travel.

Source / Image Credit : NST , Dr Sathia Prakash