In an unexpected twist, Malaysia's beloved culinary delight, Roti Canai, has found its way onto the bustling food scene of Chongqing, China, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability of two local individuals.

Hailing from Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, these enterprising individuals have garnered widespread attention by selling Roti Canai to customers at 25 yuan (approximately RM16) per serving. What sets them apart is not just their culinary expertise, but their fluency in the Chongqing dialect, allowing them to seamlessly engage with their patrons.

Watch the full video below:

With a shared familial bond—one being the brother-in-law of the other—this dynamic duo embodies the adage that confidence and proficiency transcend geographical boundaries. A video shared by a Xiaohongshu user showcases their culinary prowess and effortless rapport with customers, highlighting their five-year journey of entrepreneurship in China.

Their infectious enthusiasm and adeptness in the local dialect have endeared them to patrons and online audiences alike, with several videos documenting their endeavours garnering widespread acclaim on platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Douyin. Netizens have lauded their charming interactions and commendable linguistic skills, further solidifying their reputation as ambassadors of Malaysian culture abroad.

Source / Image Credit : Xiaohongshu