Ganesh Asirvatham didn't imagine that he would be named the world's No.1 scrabble player by the World English Language Scrabble Players Association (Wespa) when he was introduced to the game in the 80s.

Ganesh who came from a humble background in Klang worked as an English Language Lecturer, before becoming a senior manager in a private firm.

When he first started playing the game, he was unaware that there are scrabble competitions in Malaysia and that there's even a World Scrabble Championship.

He got hooked to the game after finishing third in the YMCA Youth Championship’s Competitive Scrabble, at the age of 11.

Over the years, he started representing Malaysia in international Scrabble competitions, making the Top 10 in the World Championship 2005 in London, becoming the second runner-up at the World Scrabble Championship 2007 and setting a Guinness World Record in 2007 for playing against 25 people simultaneously.

Ganesh, however, retired in the year 2008 to take some time to focus on himself.

He returned to taking part in competitions after 9 years and secured the world No. 1 ranking by finishing ahead of the world's top 30 Scrabble players at a tournament in Penang last year.

Ganesh will now be competing against Nigel Richards, World's No. 2 scrabble player in Goa, India to retain his position in October. Good luck champ!

Source: TheStar2
Image credit: TheStar2