Tony Fernandes

The humble beginnings of Air Asia is now popularly told as the RM1 deal, after Tony revealed it to be the price agreed upon when he took on the debt-ridden airline, which was formerly owned by DRB HICOM.

The low-cost carrier has since been transformed into a thriving business in the travel industry, as it is popularly used by many Malaysians and Asians abroad.

Ambiga Sreenivasan

She rose to prominence as the 24th President of the Malaysian Bar Council, and also advocated for electoral reforms towards clean and fair elections under the Bersih movement.

In 2009, she was among eight women to receive the Secretary of State's Award for International Women of Courage.

The award from the American State Department was presented to her by former US First Lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Yogi B

Rap star Yogi B was among the pioneer musicians to shed light on the viability of creating locally made music for the Malaysian Indian market. He has since risen further to bring Tamil hip-hop to an international audience after finding success in India.

As part of the local rap group, Poetic Ammo, Yogi B went on to become one of Malaysia's most recognised hip hop artists, with a loyal following of fans across races for the local music scene circa 1990s.

Shanjhey Kumar Perumal

In 2016, Shanjhey was awarded Best Director and his film, "Jagat", won Best Malaysian Film at the 28th Malaysia Film Festival (FFM28).

"Jagat" is a social drama about a Tamil boy's conflict between school and a life of crime. It was among the seven films from the Asean region that was selected for screening at the SAC Asean Film Festival 2017.

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