Prem Kumar & Shahmalarani; Both of their names no longer need an introduction when it comes to Karate sports!

Both karatekas have made the nation proud by securing the national championship title and bagging two prestigious gold medals at the recent 41st National Senior Karate Championship 2023.

Starting with Prem Kumar, the 29-year-old karateka is among the athletes that have done us proud once again by securing the title of National Champion for the 10th time. Just look at how cool he was right after the battle that he had on the ring mat.

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Hailing from a middle-class family of six, he has received numerous accolades, and they keep piling up. From joining a small competition within the club, Prem has now set a ground-breaking milestone by participating in the national and international level competition.

Another success comes when Shahmalarani celebrates double gold under the Individual Kumite - 50kg and Female Team Kumite in the same karate championship.

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With that being said, recently, the karate champ received royal recognition, Bintang Kecemerlangan Sukan Selangor (BKS) from Selangor Ruler Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah.

Spearheaded by Persatuan Karate Negeri Melaka & Persekutuan Karate Malaysia, Prem followed his elder brother’s footsteps when taking up karate. Neither of his parents nor his other siblings has ever taken up martial arts.

Congratulations to both karatekas!

Image Credit & Source: Prem Kumar Insta & Shahmalarani Insta