Talent is everywhere!

As the saying denotes, meet the young lad Mohd Firdaus who has recently blown away netizens with his powerful vocals in the song which was originally sung by The Flybaits team aptly titled, ‘Mengapa Perpisahan Yang Kau Pinta’. Just like that, he gave a new breath to the tune, and it was indeed a jaw-dropping performance by the talented man!

Watch the video below:


Within a few hours, the video went viral on social media platforms with 940.6K views, 64.5K likes, and 4k comments.

What makes the video more special?

With his vocal chops, everything was just too perfect. Of course, netizens were left spellbound after looking at his talent and took to the comments section to express their shocked delight.

Check out the comment sections below:

To those who are keen to listen to more of his rendition songs along with his wonderful band, do check out their Tik Tok channel namely, Genji Buskers Official. Let's keep showering our support to the local talents as they really deserves better opportunities.

Source and Image Credit: Genji Buskers Official , Sinetron Malaya