Malaysians have truly risen to the occasion in the days after the devastating floods across the country.

Be it by collecting essential items to be delivered to flood victims, to assisting in soup kitchens or volunteer centres to prepare food for the needy, they have shown that race and religion does take a backseat, when tragedy strikes.

One prime example is the Sikh community, which has mobilized a massive operation to cook and deliver food to flood victims, especially in the Klang Valley.

According to reports, two Gurdwaras (place of assembly and worship for Sikhs) - namely the Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam one, joined hands to whip up a whopping 50,000 meals in three days that followed the floods last weekend.

Photographs circulating on social media also show Malaysians of all races participating in efforts to cook the vegetarian and halal "Langgar" (free meals), which are then delivered in bulk to victims at the worst hit areas.

Besides cooking, the Shah Alam Gurdwara has also reportedly opened up accommodation on the first floor of its premises for those affected by the floods, while its Petaling Jaya counterpart has turned one of the rooms at its premises into a prayer room for the Muslims.

The ray of light does not stop there.

Yet another video circulating on social media shows a group of Indian youth washing and mopping the floor of a mosque in Klang, which was affected by the floods.

Not surprisingly, the video has warmed the hearts of Malaysians, who praised the men for their kind deed, across racial and religious lines.

Other photos and videos show people heading to parts Pahang, which is another state badly hit by the floods and landslide, with pick-up trucks full of supplies.

Heartwarming acts of kindness indeed. Malaysians have shown that unity and harmony triumph in the face of a tragedy, regardless of the racial and religious rhetorics spewed by certain quarters.

It is especially soothing at a time where the government has been accused of being slow in responding to the tragedy.

This is the Malaysia we love, and the Malaysia that should prevail in coming days.

Photos & Video source: Facebook,