Are you planning a trip to the Schengen Area or any of the EU member countries soon?

If so, you should start preparing now! From next year (2024), you will be required to obtain a #ETIAS travel permit before entering the Schengen Zone. The Schengen Zone is a group of 27 countries in Europe that have abolished their borders.

‘With that being said, the ETIAS application must be submitted online and is required for visitors from visa-free countries to enter the Schengen zone, Berita Harian stated.

Malaysian passport holders can now enjoy the privilege of visa-free travel to 30 EU countries, adding to the list of 63 countries already available for visa-free entry.

Check out the full list HERE:

As of next year, Malaysians will therefore submit their applications through ETIAS, a fully electronic system to monitor "visitors entering." ETIAS performs a detailed security check on each application to determine whether entry into a country of the Schengen area can be permitted.

“Even when citizens of countries that do not require a visa travel to the EU for a stay of up to 90 days, ETIAS will ensure that these individuals do not pose a security risk,” according to the Schengen Visa Info website.

This travel authorization system will collect, track and update the necessary information on visitors to determine whether it is safe to enter Schengen countries.

Heads up! Make sure to save up to 7 euros (RM36) for your ETIAS application - no fee is required for applications from people under 18, and the ETIAS is valid for three years.

Source: Berita Harian , CAPA - Centre for Aviation , Singapore - Malaysia , The Times