Mamta Mohandas, with nearly two decades in the film industry, has acted in only five Tamil films, including her latest, Maharaja (2024), marking her significant return to Tamil cinema after a prolonged hiatus.

Despite facing numerous challenges, including her battle with Hodgkin lymphoma since 2010, Mamta has consistently bounced back stronger.

When asked about missing out on promising opportunities, Mamta candidly shared, "Yes, I had to let go of certain opportunities that would have been amazing at the time, but my real life was more important than my reel life. It's not like I disappeared for several years and then came back, which is a common narrative. Many women take a break to focus on personal lives or motherhood before making a comeback. But for me, my breaks were more periodic – two years on, a year off, and then back again.

This pattern has allowed me to witness the evolution of cinema and the changing roles for women over time. I feel I'm still relevant and able to secure lead roles in very good films. Not many women have had a steady career like mine, and this is my 19th year!

"Despite having to say no to certain films, the industry has welcomed me back with open arms, which is truly a blessing."

Her nine-year battle with cancer, during which she has experienced three relapses, has profoundly shaped her perspective on life and career. "Being a cancer survivor gives you a different perspective on life. The way I treat people and myself has changed over the last seven years. With aggressive lymphoma, it requires constant vigilance. Every day is a blessing, and I have to remind myself of that daily," Mamta explained.

Mamta's journey from a disillusioned young woman who stumbled into films to a focused and resilient individual is inspiring. She has become non-confrontational and now chooses to walk away from negativity. We wouldn’t deny her acting Maharaja has stumbled us!

Source: Hindustan Times