A beautiful couple became an inspiration after both graduated and received their scroll on the same day at the University Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) convocation ceremony.

Indeed, a wonderful story of the couple, as they found inspiration in each other and worked smart to reach their dreams together, right?

Meet P. Thuban, and M. Hasivini who have earned their Master's Degrees in Business Studies at the UMT branch campus, Cyberjaya, recently.

Speaking about the challenges the couples went through, Thuban stated that there were no specific amounts of obstacles that he could tell.

‘I would say that 80 percent of my studies were done online and on the ship because my work schedule is such that I have to spend three months at sea and two months on land. In addition, the country was under the Movement Control Order (MCO) during that period.’

Hailing from Rawang, the 32-year-old graduate said work commitments did not stop them from pursuing knowledge to secure a better future in an increasingly challenging world.

There were times when Thuban had to take an exam on the ship because he'll be working at the sea. Dangg…look at the spirit that he has. Like the writer would even be asked what’s stopping me from pursuing a master’s.

Hasivini - a wife, student, and also employee who works as an engineer at a private shipping company has shown us a woman is capable of anything even if you’re married.

"I began my master's program of study in October 2020, and two months later, I got married. It was challenging to handle three responsibilities at once, "said Hasivini.

The journey is sure ain’t a bed of roses as despite having a tight schedule, the 31-year-old dedicated woman continues to pursue her passion with the right partner who supports her through thick and thin.

It is easy to see a young or newly married couple pursuing their dreams, but what is happening behind the scenes counts the path. Looking at our minority paving their path to success is beyond proud, and thanks to the amazing couple who have set an inspiration for the rest of the married couples out there.

Image Credit & Source: Bernama