Hinduism has always been famous for its old rituals and practices.

While most of Hindu practices are backed with scientific reasons, there are some which are not easily explainable.

Such practices include checking a couple's astrological compatibility before a wedding. In some cases, the bride is born with mangalya dosham and is considered a manglik. This means the bride's birth chart -- her fate -- is believed to cause an early death to her husband or cause the couple's separation. So, the couple is deemed incompatible.

Thus, according to Hindu custom, the bride is married off to a peepal or banana tree in order to break the curse. This is because it's believed that mangalya dosham causes problems in the first marriage only.

The tree is then uprooted and destroyed, which symbolizes the death of the bride's first husband. Upon nullifying the mangalya dhosham, the bride is married to her real groom.

But there is no science or rational reasoning behind this custom.

This practice is now opposed in India as it is seen as violating the rights of women. Former Miss World Aishwarya Rai, a manglik, followed this custom and married a peepal tree before tying the knot with her husband Abhishek Bachchan.

Following that, a lawsuit was filed against her by Indian human rights activists, demanding a public apology.

Source: cleverhumanity, britannica, and bollywoodshaadis
Image Credit: NationalGeographic