If you love pani puri, you probably enjoy sharing this beloved street food with others, relishing their priceless reactions upon tasting it for the first time. Recently, a contestant on MasterChef Australia introduced the judges to this iconic Indian snack, resulting in a viral sensation.

In a widely viewed video, Sumeet Saigal demonstrates the intricate preparation of pani puri. She begins by cracking a crisp puri, filling it with a spiced potato mixture, and topping it with both green (mint and coriander) and red (date and tamarind) chutneys. Finally, she fills the puri with mint-and-coriander-infused pani before serving it to the judges.

Watch the full video below:

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The judges' reactions were almost speechless, underscoring the delightful impact of this dish. The video has garnered over 8 million views, with many commenters agreeing that pani puri is indeed irresistible.

Here are some reactions from Instagram users:

- Pani Puri unites us all.

- Anybody anywhere in the world reacts to pani puri in the exact same manner every single time they pop one into their mouth! And the best thing is... you can't stop with one!

- This is me every time I eat Pani Puri and I have been eating it since childhood.

- Nothing like Pani Puri, it takes some time for the first-timers to even understand what's happening.

- They had to lose their minds after trying pani puri... No doubt they are so yummy.

Their reactions says all, guys!

Source / Image Credit : Masterchefau