Modern life is hard.

It's a stressed out world we live in today. While the adults are obsessed with making more money, or just making ends meet, our children are under the stress of studying hard, getting good results in exams and making sure they are putting themselves in the best position possible to join the rat race.

Despite the strides we have made, we are still as unhappy and as unfulfilled as we have ever been.

The advancement of technology has made our connection to the outside world better, but has disconnected us from the people around us; our family, friends, and loved ones.

And our modern world has also found more and more ways to divide us. We are divided by race, by religious beliefs and by political affiliations. We are divided by economic status, education levels and societal class. And because of these divisions, we find ourselves at each other's throats more and more often. It's a battle that more often than not, has no winner.

This is why festive periods are so invaluable. It's the one or two times in the year when we put aside all other things and come together as families and communities. When work and the world around us mean less than the people we are with. These are the rare occasions when we truly spend time together, giving thanks to god, feasting and just being in each other's company.

Deepavali is the celebration of light. But Rama's defeat of Ravan was only possible because of his great love for Sita, which makes Deepavali a celebration of not just the triumph of light, but a celebration of the triumph of love. That's why this year we at Astro decided to reflect on Anbin Oli as our Deepavali theme.

The Bhagavad Gita says we are what we believe in and that we become that which we believe we can become.

By wishing you Anbin Oli, we wish love will light your way. Always. Because what we need more than ever, in our divided and disconnected world, is love.

Happy Deepavali from all your friends at Astro Ulagam.

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