In the fourteenth week of Bigg Boss Season 7 Tamil, the New Year brings heightened anticipation as all contestants, except Vishnu with a ticket to the finale, face elimination. Vijay Varma, Archana, Dinesh, Maya Krishnan, Manichandra, Vichithra, and Poornima Ravi are in the nomination fray, prompting viewers to cast votes fervently for their favorites.

Early voting trends suggest Archana leads with the highest votes, followed by Manichandra and Dinesh. However, a tight competition emerges among the bottom three contestants – Maya Krishnan, Vijay Varma, and Poornima Ravi. Speculations arise that one among Maya, Poornima, or Vijay may face elimination. The official results will be disclosed over the weekend, adding intrigue to the evolving trends.

In a surprising twist, Bigg Boss introduces a cash box worth Rs 1 lakh, offering contestants the option to lift it and exit the show. Social media buzz speculates that Vijay Varma might opt for the cash box, introducing an additional layer of excitement to Bigg Boss Tamil 7. Stay tuned for the weekend revelations and evolving dynamics in the house

Source / Image Credit : Filmibeat