Meena Kumari, a distinguished figure in the realm of hosting and revered as the queen of Tamil literacy, has etched her name in the Malaysia Book of Records for achieving the 'Longest Thaipusam Festival Celebration Live Broadcast Hosting by an Individual.'

The 24-hour non-stop live broadcast of the Thaipusam festival from January 24 to 25 showcased Meena's exceptional hosting skills, characterised by a refreshing and enduring presence. Her ability to maintain a consistent standard throughout the extended broadcast did not go unnoticed by viewers and organizers alike.

During the Certificate Giving Ceremony, Meena has stated:

“There’s no good or bad Tamil. If we speak Tamil in a proper way with the concept of understanding what the audience really wants, they will support us.”

This encapsulates her dedication to effective communication and resonating with the audience.

*நீ கொடுத்த தமிழல்லவா புகழ் எடுத்தது அந்த
தமிழ் கொடுத்த அறிவல்லவா தலை சிறந்தது*

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Meena Kumari, recognised as a multifaceted professional encompassing roles such as TV presenter, Script Writer, Announcer, Producer, Voice-over talent, Translator, and more, stands out as the luminary behind the 24-hour LIVE broadcast of Thaipusam 2024.

Her meticulous preparation, including a month-long vegetarian regimen to seek blessings and in-depth research on Lord Murugan’s history, reflects her commitment to delivering a seamless and informative show. The collective efforts invested by Meena Kumari have truly astounded audiences, making her a deserving recipient of congratulations for this noteworthy achievement.

We would like to give a special shoutout to the 18 talented hosts who made the 'Longest Thaipusam Festival Celebration Live Broadcast' a huge success!