Most of us would complain about jobs that require us to be seated in a cubicle for eight hours a day, but G. Kannipan has no such problem.

The 69-year-old has been working as a lift operator at the Gama supermarket in George Town, Penang, for the last 40 years. He joined the store in 1982 when he was 29 and hasn't looked back since, reported The Star.

Kannipan, a polio victim who walks with a limp, has no issues sitting in the 1.65m by 1.5m lift, eight hours a day, six times a week, to help shoppers navigate their trolleys into the lift and guide them to the various floors of the supermarket.

"The lift has been my second home for decades now. With my physical problem, this job is perfect for me.

"I mostly stay seated in the lift, only getting up to help customers with their trolleys," he was quoted telling the daily.

According to him, he has seen "generations" of people at Gama, where children have grown up to become young adults, and frequent the store with their own children.

Kannipan lives in Ayer Itam and shuttles to work every day by bus.

Despite the monotony, Kannipan is not short of smile and greetings for the customers he guides into the lift.

He may be way past the retirement age, but Kannipan doesn't have plans to quit anytime soon. The father of two and a granddad of one said he plans to work for another five years.

Bravo sir. You have proven that age is no barrier to one making a decent, honest living.

Perhaps some of our youngsters can take a cue or two from Kannipan.

Source & Photo source: The Star