A special meet and greet session with the Zombie Kadhali team!

Beyond any doubt, ZOMBIE KADHALI - the first local Tamil zombie themed fantasy romance series, has been making waves for its unique storyline on Astro Vinmeen.

The 22-episode series revolves around Anu, an aspiring boxer and model who turns into a half-zombie which turns her life upside down. Despite the turmoil that forms the crux of the story, Anu tries to handle both her career and relationship matters at one time.

As the story flows, spectators have been assuming that Anu’s life turns miserable after being bitten by a dog. But as the series comes to an end, as an audience, we could sense that there’s a MYSTERY person who is the root cause of Anu’s zombie transformation.

Well, it won’t be a thrill or suspense if the team reveals the REAL zombie at the end of the series.

With that, the Zombie Kadhali team will be having an exclusive meet and greet session to reveal the REAL Zombie of the series this weekend on 26th Feb, 3 pm at Suria KLCC, Centre Court Level Concourse.

Grab this opportunity to have an exclusive one-to-one meeting up with our renowned local casts of #ZombieKadhali. You would be surprised to discover the mysterious person who caused Anu's life in danger.