Centenarian Annamah Abukutty has been recognized as the country's "oldest living woman" by the Malysia Book of Records (MBR) after turning 110 yesterday.

Despite being wheelchair-bound and blind in her left eye, Annamah still shares health advice and longevity tips with people who come to seek her advice in Batu Gajah, Perak, where she resides, reported Bernama.

According to her son M Subramaniam, 73, his mother, fondly known as "Patti Annamah", also dispenses advice on herbal medicines, midwifery, reflexology, and tattooing to those who come to seek her expertise.

Annamah migrated to Malaya in her teens before World War II, from Thachambadi in Tamil Nadu, India, and brought along her knowledge and wealth of experience in Indian tradituional herbs.

The secret to Annamah's longevity is fasting, meditation and her homegrown herbs, Subramaniam told reporters.

Her grandson S Ezhilan also said that the traditional herbs and medications used by his grandmother have been repackaged into health products and available in the market.

Despite her advanced age and disability, Annamah's memory is still sharp and is able to converse well in Tamil and Malay.

She was awarded the official certificate recognizing her as the oldest woman in the country, by MBR chief operating officer Christopher Wong on Wednesday, who said that he has also been informed that Annamah was currently the oldest Malaysian alive.

Annamah has two surving children, 17 grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren.

Source: Bernama, New Straits Times
Photo source: The Star, New Straits Times