Meet Subashan Vadibeler, 24. When most youths his age are still figuring out what to do with their lives, the final-year medical student at Universiti Malaya will be flying off to the UK in October next year to pursue not one, but two master's degrees at the acclaimed University of Oxford.

The Ipoh-born lad recently secured the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship to study the double master's degrees - in Master’s of Science in International Health and Tropical Medicine and a Master’s of Science in Integrated Immunology, reported the Malay Mail.

"It's a great feeling - I called my mum and my sister when I found out," the portal quoted him saying, dubbing the experience of securing the scholarship as "unreal".

Subashan was among the nine finalists who were interviewed for the scholarship.

As for what he hopes to focus on in the future, Subashan said he wants to further study on dengue, as he has dealt with many patients of the mosquito-borne disease at the medical school in UM.

"I'm hoping to study the immunology of dengue, and in future, I hope to eradicate dengue and other neglected tropical diseases and I'm working towards that pathway in my career," he told the portal.

Subashan's interest in infectious diseases and microbiology stems from both his hometown and his place of study. Ipoh was one of the earliest places to be infected with the Nipah virus, and UM was where the virus was first discovered.

His mother is a Tamil teacher and father is a businessman. His sister, who is two years elder, is a water treatment chemist.

Subashan's success in securing the scholarship has garnered the praises of UM and the university's Dean of Medicine, Professor Adeeba Kamarulzaman on Twitter.

Source: Malay Mail
Photo source: Malay Mail