Most of us would not remember significant dates in our own lives, such as anniversaries and birthdays.

Khivakshinni Amarendran will never face any such problem. This is because the 18-year-old is gifted with the ability to accurately identify dates as far back as the 1900s and even the future!

For her impressive feat, Khivakshinni, who's fondly known as Khiva, was last month recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) for most days correctly identified by an individual (53 days)! In addition, she has even earned the moniker "the human calendar".

According to Free Malaysia Today (FMT), Khiva was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome - an autism spectrum disorder when she was just three. As she grew up, she grew a liking for numbers on the calendar, and Mathematics became her favourite subject at school.

It was in July 2019 that she discovered that she had developed a photographic memory in remembering the dates and days on the calendar she used to pore through in her free time.

Mention any date to her, and Khiva would be able to tell what day it fell on, with astounding accuracy. Her impressive skill had been tested by family, teachers and friends alike, and so far, she had only gotten one date wrong, which reportedly disappointed Khiva as she knew she could do better.

The talented lass is currently on a gap year after completing her Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in June last year, and learning Spanish, German, and Mandarin to fill her time. Besides, she also enjoys reading up won celebrities, playing sports, and listening to music.

Khiva's mother Darshanni Raaj constantly reminds her daughter that she must be proud of what she had achieved.

She quipped that she does not ever miss special dates in her life as she has Khiva to constantly remind her!

Darshanni urged parents who are in a similar journey as hers, to keep believing in their children, no matter.

"Celebrate each day and each milestone of your journey with your child."

Khiva plans to show off her gift at "Asia's Got Talent" in the near future.

Congratulations Khiva on your impressive gift and achievement, and equal kudos to the parents for raising such a bright child!

Source: FMT, Syok
Photos source: FMT, Facebook