Klang boy Logesh Kumaar may have migrated to the US 10 years ago, but he has not forsaken his roots, especially love for Bahasa Melayu.

The 33-year-old runs a Youtube channel called Kumaar Family, which mainly showcases his antics of teaching his American wife Rachel Kumaar, 30, to converse in Malay in various different situations. The channel, which also shows Malaysian food and culture-related stuff, has garnered more than 112,000 subscribers since it was started in May last year.

Kumaar's latest video is of Rachel shopping for groceries at a supermarket, based on a list written fully in Malay. Another video showcases her antics of having to converse in the Malaysian national language for a full 24 hours!

In most of the videos, Rachel perserveres through the tests she is put through, despite the frustrations. The videos generally garner positive comments from viewers, especially Malaysians, who applaud her effort and Kumaar's dedication and respect for the Malay language, despite being away.

Kumaar told Harian Metro in a recent interview that he migrated to the US after he got an offer to do a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Project Management at the DeVry University in Illinois, before securing a job a media strategist at a marketing firm.

He met Rachel in church, and got married to her in 2014. The couple are blessed with two boys, Zaden Kumaar, and Kyren Kumaar, aged two and five months, respectively.

"Our biggest challenge is communication and the difference in culture. However, we have learned to learn and appreciate each other's culture," he told the daily.

On his efforts to teach his wife Malay, Kumaar says it is so that Rachel would not feel awkward when she comes to Malaysia.

"We started the channel just for fun. We had no idea that it would attract so much attention," said Kumaar, adding that he aims to highlight Malaysia to the eyes of the world on the digital platform.

According to him, he appreciates Malaysian culture and food, more now, since he's been away so quite some time.

He last came home in December 2019 as a trip last year was hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you would like to watch the Kumaar Family's Malaysia-related antics in a foreign land, check out their Youtube channel here.

Source: Harian Metro
Photo source: Kumaar Family Facebook