Have you ever wondered about the environment of climbing the 451.9-meter Petronas Twin Towers a few times to carry out maintenance work?

If you’re a person who frets about heights or strong wind, guess this piece of news will make your palm sweat.

With that being said, meet Normalia Sidek or better known as Maya - indeed a beautiful ‘Rope Access Technician’ and ‘Non-Destructive Testing Technician’ who was seen in a video posted on Twitter by Kuala Lumpur Reporter climbing to the top of one of the Petronas Twin Towers to repair its light bulbs.

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The tower's pinnacle was first seen in full splendor in the aerial footage shot by a drone before cutting to the technicians coming through a door in full safety gear and preparing to replace the lightbulbs.

Siva; The brainchild of this beautiful aerial shot and picture of the 'Iron Lady'. You deserve a special shout-out for capturing the most prominent shot that we would cherished forever. You're definietly one in gem!

Check out the shots below:

As a woman working in a predominantly male profession, Maya is adamant that change is underway.

In an interview with Harian Metro, Normalia claimed that the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the highest skyscraper in the world, would be the next target in her eyes following conquering the 20th tallest structure in the world.

"If I'm lucky enough, I want to conquer the Burj Khalifa one day – that's one of my dreams," she said.

Being a wife and mom, Maya is aware of her risky job yet remains calm and confident throughout the floodlight-changing process. A strong pillar - her husband deserves a pat on the back. To date, he has never objected and encouraged her to venture into the field.

Maya is a woman who managed to break the stereotype and carve a niche for herself.

Image Credit & Source: Siva's Instagram & Harian Metro