A book penned by a child?

Yes, child authors proved to us that there’s no minimum age requirement to sit at the bestseller’s table. When we are about to read or come across any youngest authors, we are left spellbound by some astonishing younger lads talent.

And Tewahar Ramachandran is among one them who has wowed the netizens by launching his first book entitled ‘Siragugal Mulaitha Tharunam' recently.

The 12-year-old author took approximately one and a half years to complete the book. Consisting of 10 short stories, Tewahar who also loves to draw, had precisely created 50 drawings for ‘Siragugal Mulaitha Tharunam’.

Tamil is my mother tongue & I always wanted to do something beneficial for our community. - Tewahar

According to RTM Tamil Seithigal, the young lad has drawn nearly 50 pictures, and we must say that it looks too real. Such a multi-talented student he’s.

Asking what is his book all about, he stated:

"My stories are based on the incidents that happened during the Covid-19 pandemic."

With that being said, there is no age bar on writing. Writing is a painstaking avocation, and if you have writing talents, no one will ask your age when you’re submitting a script or a sample of writings for proofreading.

Considering there was abundant inspiration for the young author right now, it is not a surprise that Thewahar came out as a triumph. Encouragement and support came from his parents while he was drafting the FIRST book has made him to steal the limelight.

Congratulations on your book launch event. Keep soaring high and best wishes for your future endeavors.

Image Credit & Source: RTM Tamil Tv Seithigal