With an abundance of hard work and dedication, Gomathy Sankaran has once again proved why she's one of the top educators in Malaysia. Her relentless commitment to providing her students with the best education has earned her a plethora of awards from both local and international competitions.

The educator from SJK (T) Kangkar Pulai in Johor, has achieved yet another incredible milestone! She has been awarded the Amazing Malaysian Book of Records, for her outstanding accomplishments over the past few years. This dedicated mother of two has not only received multiple international and local awards but also made us proud with her latest achievement.

Moreover, Gomathy's foray into technology by developing a mobile application for postgraduate students showcases her innovative mindset and willingness to adapt to the changing educational landscape. The app's purpose of organizing and facilitating access to notes and materials demonstrates her understanding of the needs of students in the digital age.

It is admirable that Gomathy remains focused on her true passion, education, despite her success in inventing and developing new technologies. Prioritizing the sharing of knowledge and inspiring students over commercialization speaks volumes about her selflessness and dedication to her students' well-being.

Gomathy's achievements not only bring honor to herself but also shine a spotlight on the invaluable role of educators who go the extra mile to make a positive impact on their students' lives. Her inspiring work serves as a beacon of motivation for other educators and highlights the profound influence they can have on society.

Congratulations once again to Gomathy Sankaran! May your hard work, dedication, and passion for teaching continue to propel her to new heights and inspire educators and students alike.