Men have neglected looking after their appearance, citing a busy schedule, or just too ashamed to groom themselves for fear of being called a metrosexual.

As a result, many men look older than their actual age. Here are eight mistakes men often make, that make them look prematurely old:

Washing face with bar soap

Yes, this is a practical approach, but do you know that bathing soap tends to make the skin dry and coarse?
That's what would happen to your face when you take the easy way out.

Shaving without cream/foam

It is worth investing in a bottle of shaving cream or foam, as doing it in the rough can make your skin suffer, due to the extra pressure you need to apply to get coarse facial hair out of your delicate skin.


This is a given, as the the thousands of harmful chemicals do nothing but damage to your body cells. Quit now!

Not eating healthy

One way to stay and appear young is by eating healthy food. Increase your intake of vegetables and fruits, as well as proteins and vitamins that can prevent cell deterioration.

Not drinking enough water

Water is a crucial element to maintain healthy skin, and to ensure our body's system are functioing well. Have at least two litres of water a day.

Skipping the moisturisers

Skin moisturisers are not only for women. If you have skin that is prone to sunburn and air pollution, then you can these products too, to prevent skin damage and premature wrinkles/damage.

Not wearing sunscreen

Speaking about sunburn, many men are out and about during the day, under the scorching hot sun, due to work of sporting activities. They do not wear sunscreen, causing direct damage to their skin from the sun's rays.

Exercise what?

As we age, our muscles shrink and weaken. While many men are indeed health conscious today, others skip the workout sessions, leading to their body's metabolism to go haywire. Routine exercise can assist cell rejuvenation and ensure you stay healthy.

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