Under the dynamic leadership of Hannah Yeoh, the Youth and Sports Ministry (KBS) has spearheaded an ambitious series of reforms aimed at propelling the evolution of the nation's sports and youth sector over the preceding nine months.

Having said that, a comprehensive framework comprising 22 reforms has been meticulously executed, focusing on four pivotal dimensions: fortifying the sports ecosystem, fostering sports engagement, empowering youth, and enhancing the utilization of KBS facilities.

In terms of strengthening the Sports Ecosystem, the endeavour to fortify the sports ecosystem encompasses a suite of 12 initiatives led by KBS, notably the establishment of the High-Level Committee (HLC) for sports, the formation of the Sports Disputes Committee (SDC), and the inauguration of the Road to Gold Committee.

Initiatives to Raise Awareness and Encourage Participation:

● Basic Sports Training Skills Programme (KLAS Renang)

In a strategic move announced in May 2023, KBS introduced free swimming classes under the Phase 1 Swimming CLASS Program, targeting children under B40 to mitigate drowning incidents. Encouragingly, 739 participants, aged 6 to 12, achieved a 90 percent mastery of basic swimming skills, fostering water confidence. The Phase 2 program, slated for September to December 2023, expands to 36 locations nationwide, targeting 5,760 children. Moreover, this initiative extends its reach to the elderly and disabled in selected areas of Johor and Negeri Sembilan, bolstered by partnerships with Allianz Malaysia Berhad, Nestle Products Sdn. Bhd., Decathlon (M) Sdn. Bhd., and Pos Malaysia Berhad.

● Opened the facilities of the Malaysian Stadium Corporation

In July 2023, KBS unveiled the opening of Malaysian Stadium Corporation (PSM) facilities for school sports events. Schools now have access to esteemed venues such as Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Jalan Duta Sports Complex, and Bukit Kiara Sports Complex. As of December 2023, 17 out of 19 applications have been approved, empowering schools to host diverse sports activities.

● 1 Sport 1 Facility Initiative

Recognising the importance of dedicated spaces for national sports associations (PSK), KBS initiated the 1 Sport 1 Facility initiative. Aligned with the goal of enhancing sports performance and talent development, this effort supports PSK in securing permanent training facilities. The initiative aims to improve management quality and facilitate efficient utilization of existing sports facilities, whether under government or private management.

● Launched the 'Youth Capsule' Hostel Facility

In a bid to address the accommodation needs of youth undergoing industrial training or seeking employment, the Ministry introduced the Youth Capsule (Y-Capsule) @IYCResidence at a nominal rate of RM10/day in September. With 54 beds equipped with bedding sets and comprehensive facilities, including communal cooking equipment, paid self-service laundry, and rest areas, the Y-Capsule initiative, managed by the International Youth Center (IYC), serves as a valuable resource to support the endeavours of youth in job-seeking and industrial training.

These multifaceted initiatives collectively underscore KBS's unwavering commitment to holistic sports development, youth empowerment, and the optimization of facilities for the betterment of the nation.