Misunderstandings often lead to conflicts between family members. While some resolve the problems quickly, others fail to mend fences and part ways.

Recently, a post by Facebook user Subashini Achari went viral on social media when a long-parted family finally came together after 28 years.

A small misunderstanding between Subashini's mother, Rani, with one of her brothers caused them to lose touch with each other.

Time passed and as her mother grew old, she really wanted to meet her brother and his family, whose whereabouts were unknown. All she knew was her nephew, whom she last met when he was just 5 years old, had grown up and become a doctor.

To fulfil her mother's wish of meeting her long lost brother, Subashini and her children tried to connect with their doctor friends to track her cousin. But all their efforts came to a dead-end.

That's when Subashini learned about a radio programme called 'Uravugal Thodarkathai' by RJ Theyvekgan in Minnal FM; which helps connect people with long lost families and friends.

Subashini’s mother, Mrs. Rani, went on air and poured out her feelings while shedding tears. Little did she expect that her nephew was listening to the show. Within the next hour, her nephew contacted the radio station and RJ Theyvekgan connected both lines.

It was such an emotional moment when Mrs. Rani finally got to speak to her long lost family. She learned that her nephew, Moventhiran, is now a neurosurgeon at the Sungai Buloh Hospital. But, the line got cut off before they could exchange their phone numbers.

Subashini and her kids immediately went to the hospital to search for him, but they learned he was away for a conference. They took his contact number from a fellow doctor and the rest is history.

Dr. Moventhiran was reunited with his aunt Mrs. Rani at her house in Tanjung Malim. They hugged each other, and finally, she spoke to her brother over the phone. She apologized and sought forgiveness from her brother for a misunderstanding that kept them apart for 28 years.

"I didn't have an extended family growing up due to the family feud. I didn't have family gatherings or family coming over for events like Deepavali. I didn't have a pillar to fall back on when my brother passed on. Truthfully I was quite envious of people who did. I was overwhelmed with the welcome and love I received today. I now got a whole family of aunties uncles and cousins. It was an amazing day. A family doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to be united," posted Moventhiran.

Thanks to RJ Theyvekgan for bringing these divided families together!

"Relationship should be treasured, ego and pride should be kept aside. Blood is always thicker than water," wrote Subashini in her post.

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