Malaysian mountaineer Thillaimuthu Nagarajan, widely known as RJ Nagarajan, has earned official recognition for his historic achievement in mountaineering. HonoUred by the Malaysia Book of Records, Nagarajan stands as the first Malaysian to conquer the 7 Summits Plus 2 Challenge, scaling the highest peaks across all seven continents.

Beyond the conventional Seven Summit challenge, he successfully completed the Bass List, Messner List, and Hackett List variations. From the iconic Mt Everest to the challenging duo of Mt Cartenz in Indonesia and Mt Kosciuszko in Australia, Nagarajan's accomplishment sets a new standard in global climbing.

Reflecting on his journey, he expressed hope that his feat inspires others to fearlessly pursue their dreams. Rising from humble beginnings to a successful corporate career, Nagarajan, now the CEO of a multinational company, actively supports mental health initiatives alongside his mountaineering pursuits.

Source / Image Credit : NST, FMT