Waze often alerts us to the presence of police up to 1km ahead, a feature especially useful for speedsters. However, there are certain things that Waze or any GPS applications cannot detect.

The LINK provided shows all the speed traps in Malaysia, including the fixed/permanent Automated Enforcement System (AES) cameras by the side of the road, officially enforced since September 2012. However, the official website of the Road Transport Department (JPJ) does not mention whether the viral moving AES video circulating on WhatsApp is already in effect.

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The TikTok video circulating recently is actually from November 2023. It shows a JPJ officer with a speed trap attached to his bike. The moving AES does not only detect speeding drivers but also reveals information about the vehicle owner based on the registration number. The speed trap employs the Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) concept, which provides detailed information about the person behind the wheel.

“The device can detect if the vehicle's road tax has expired. If you’re caught driving with an expired road tax and insurance, be prepared to receive a call,” the video caption states.

In a YouTube video by J Nakama Channel, JPJ officers conduct a briefing before testing the moving AES. To date, there is no official confirmation that the moving AES is enforced.

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Source / Image Credit : Road Transport Department (JPJ) , Izudinishak