Heart-filled joy moment for this dance duo, Mugilan & Vigneswaran!

Emerged as the winners of Dance Jodi Dance Reloaded Apac Special, both duo have stepped up to the plate, gone on to the world stage, and flown the national flag in a dance competition reality show in Tamil Nadu, India, recently.

Spearheaded by ZEE Tamil APAC, performing in front of the prominent Kollywood dancers, namely Sneha, Sangeetha, and Baba Bhaskar, it was a really highly strung moment but, look at our champs who shine bright as the stars on the stage.

From Malaysia to Tamil Nadu….. What an amazing feat, guys!

Besides having a tight schedule, the duo have shared their recent accomplishments with Astro Ulagam.

Speaking to Mugilan, growing up in this industry at such a young age is challenging, especially in Malaysia.

"One of the utmost challenges that Vignes and I faced as young performers were getting tremendous support from the surrounding people. There will be a certain group of people who will look down on ‘dance’ but, our main goal is to be in the limelight among the community who look up to dance as a talent or skill that needs special recognition in Malaysia," said Mugilan.

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The 24-year-old young lad further said that he had to shelve his Bachelor’s due to financial circumstances. Perhaps, it’s very saddening for him to make the decision but, the best is yet to come anytime soon, Mugi!

Vigneswaran; The young lad who has grown passionate about dance since his toddler age has really come a long way. Living his life full of dance makes him realize everything happens for a reason and there’s nothing to regret since it has made him a strong warrior among those who he wanted to prove that his passion is worth his effort.

This fabulous duo from KL Mazhai Dancers have also emerged as 1st runner-up in Attam 100 Vagai 2011, Champion of Malam Anekaragam, Aghniyin Varnam 2022, and the list will continuously grow as they are way too talented.

Dance without a mentor or backbone?

It’s not possible for this duo to put Malaysia on the world map without Xavier Francis’s guidance and support!

‘We are extremely grateful to have him as a coach - more than that!”

To date, he is constantly helping us to set our goals and giving feedback on our dance videos. From lifting our spirits to giving us a pat on the back, Xavier, is a pillar that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

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There’s a saying, never aim for success if you want it; do what you love, believe in, and work hard- it will eventually lead you to the right place.

This is just the beginning, guys. We can see the lights shining bright on your side. Keep growing and be the inspiration to those Gen Z and millennials who are passionate about dance.