Renowned Tamil actor and TV anchor Nanjil Vijayan, celebrated for his comedic flair, has garnered widespread acclaim through his appearances in numerous films and television programs. Rising to prominence with the hit TV show "Siricha Pochu" and further solidifying his fan base with his comedic brilliance on "Kalakka Povathu Yaaru," Vijayan initially established himself in the industry as a talented comedian.

However, a recent announcement has left fans inquisitive as Vijayan took to his social media platform to announce his exit from the popular reality show "Cooku With Comali." Widely adored for his presence and wit on the show, his decision to step away has sparked speculation among his loyal fan base.

In his statement, shared on his X account (formerly Twitter), Vijayan expressed gratitude for his time on the show while affirming his departure and clarifying that his decision is unrelated to any issues with the network, Vijay TV. He further specified that he would not be participating in the show produced by the newly associated company, Box Office.

The announcement elicited a flurry of reactions from fans, with the post swiftly gaining traction and prompting numerous retweets within hours. Despite the widespread interest, Vijayan has refrained from divulging specific details regarding the reason behind his departure.

The latest season of "Cooku With Comali" has experienced delays compared to previous years, attributed primarily to organizational changes, notably the transition from the former production company, Media Mason, to the current entity, Box Office. This shift, along with various alterations to the format of the show, has contributed to the evolving dynamics surrounding the popular reality program.

Source : News18