National sprinter, Shereen Samson Vallabouy has broken the national 400m indoor record once again by running the distance in 52.27 seconds at the Division II Indoor Track and Field Championships in Virginia, USA.

Shereen’s recent indoor record time of 52.27s is faster than the national outdoor record of 52.56s set by Rabia Abdul Salam in 1993. The US-based sportswoman who is making waves in her field shows just how impressive her performance has been and suggests that she may have the potential to break more records in the future.

It's impressive to see Shereen Samson Vallabouy consistently breaking her national records in the 400m indoor race. Her previous record of 53.47s was already quite splendid, but breaking it twice in such a short span of time is a great achievement for her. It shows that she is in excellent form and is continually improving her performance. We can expect to see more great things from her in the future.

Shereen's passion for track and field started at a young age and was nurtured by her mother. Her decision to take her passion for the sport to the next level by studying and training with the national team at the Bukit Jalil Sports School is a testament to her dedication and hard work. It's clear that Shereen has a bright future ahead of her in athletics, and we can look forward to seeing more of her impressive performances in the years to come.

In 2022, winning the women's track and field campaign at the NCAA Division II Championships is a huge milestone for Shereen Samson Vallabouy.

To make history by becoming the first woman from her country to win this title is a remarkable feat and a source of inspiration for aspiring athletes in her home country and around the world.

Indeed, great to see Malaysian female athletes achieving new records and breaking barriers in sports.

Source: The Vibes, Winona State