Navarathiri, a nine-day festival venerating Maa Durga, involves devotees adorning specific colours on each day, embodying auspicious symbolism and values.

1. Day 1 | 15th October | Orange

Orange, representing warmth, energy, and optimism, sets an auspicious start to Navarathiri, emanating a bold connection to nature.

2. Day 2 | 16th October | White

The colour white embodies innocence, peace, and gentle strength, symbolizing a mother's protective embrace for her child.

3. Day 3 | 17th October | Red

Red symbolises strength, passion, and love—an intense hue reflecting our eagerness to safeguard our loved ones.

4. Day 4 | 18th October | Royal Blue

Uniquely elegant, royal blue signifies reliability and royalty, offering a sense of poise and calmness.

5. Day 5 | 19th October | Yellow

Yellow symbolises unadulterated cheerfulness, joy, and the warmth of the sun, invoking a positive and lively ambiance.

6. Day 6 | 20th October | Green

Representing mother nature and spiritual awakening, green connects with divine knowledge and the flourishing world around us.

7. Day 7 | 21st October | Grey

Serving as a tranquil pause from vibrant hues, grey embodies balance and neutrality—a blend of white and black.

8. Day 8 | 22nd October | Purple

The richness of purple, a blend of red and blue elements, exudes a royal and intense vibe, symbolizing wealth, wisdom, and creativity.

9. Day 9 | 23rd October | Peacock Green

Peacock green epitomises compassion, empathy, and individuality, encouraging us to care for one another while embracing our unique traits.

This meticulous colour selection during Navarathiri encompasses profound values and cultural significance, reflecting the spiritual essence of this auspicious festival.

Source / Image Credit : TimesofIndia , Explore our India