Neem has long been held in high regards in Ayurveda, it is known as "Sarva Roga Nivarini" or healer. It is used to treat injuries; prevent and heal skin disorders and infections; remove toxins from the body and prevent gastric.

Studies have shown that neem leaves could help to combat and protect against cancer. The plant was tested in India for cancer fighting properties and what was found was that the leaves contain a strong phytochemical compound known as Nimbolide. That compound was then tested for throat, pancreas and prostate cancers and the results were very promising.

The researchers are hoping to use neem to treat the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation by boosting the compromised immunity. Neem have been shown to reduce inflammation and prevent new cancer cells from forming by supplementing the body with antioxidants and enzymes.

Neem does come with some serious side effects. The leaves and oil are a natural spermicide (destroys sperm). It can also induce a miscarriage so pregnant women are advised to not consume neem any or its form during the second and third trimester.

Photo Source: FirstCry Parenting