Traffic laws are a fundamental component of road safety, designed to ensure the well-being of all road users. In Malaysia, transgressing these laws may result in summonses, with each offense incurring a specific rate. These rates vary based on the severity of the violation, distinguishing between minor infringements like parking violations and more substantial offenses such as speeding and disregarding traffic signals. In this article, we shed light on the compound and summons rates in Malaysia, spanning the spectrum from parking infractions to the more serious violations.

1. Using mobile phones while driving – Fine for RM 1000

2. Stop your vehicles beyond the white light at traffic light – Fine for RM 2000

3. Vehicles are parked at yellow line – Fine for RM 2000

4. Caught tailgating another vehicle – Fine for RM 1000

5. Making unauthorised U-turns – Fine for RM 150

6. Failed to wear your seatbelts – Fine for RM 350

7. Using emergency access lane – Fine for RM 300

8. Speeding – Fine for RM 300

9. Ignoring traffic light signs – RM 300

Image Credit / Source: The Star, Malaysia Food and Travel