A newlywed couple is winning netizens' hearts for donating food from their cancelled wedding reception to flood victims at a flood relief centre in Meru, Klang.

According to the Malay Mail, the couple, Muhammad Nabil Mohd Azimi, 23, and Nur Asyiqin Md Hamdan, 25, called off their planned reception for 300 guests on Dec 19.

After the cancellation, the couple headed with their caterer to the flood relief centre to personally distribute food to the flood victims at the venue.

The video of the heartwarming incident was posted by the wedding cateter, Erin Suhaimi, on her TikTok page on Monday, and the clip has since gone viral with more than 61,900 likes, over 2,000 shares and 3,100 plus comments.

Netizens unanimously praised the couple for their noble act.

There were even those who dubbed it the "most memorable wedding of the year", while others tagged the social media accounts of news outlets, requesting them to interview the couple.

An impressive display of kindness indeed. Since their special day was cancelled, the couple could have "outsourced" the food donation to the cateter. Instead, they personally got down and dirty on their special day, and for that, they deserve all the blessings possible.

Source: Malay Mail
Photo source: Malay Mail, Coconuts KL