If you have wanderlust, then experiencing the majestic Northern Lights should be close to the top of your bucket list.

Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are the result of the sun's charged particles colliding with earth's magnetosphere. This creates a not-to-be missed show of dancing lights in the sky.

This naturally occurring phenomena can only be witnessed in very few countries. But do you think visiting these countries can guarantee the sight of Aurora Borealis? Definitely not!

If you're eager to check out the Northern Lights, here are the things you need to know in advance:

Northern Light Hunting Formula

Catching the magnificent Northern Lights is never easy! It requires patience, determination and plenty of hard work.

The countries that fall under the auroral oval include Northern Norway, Iceland, Alaska, Northern Canada, Sweden, Finland and Southern Greenland.

There is a high possibility of witnessing the dancing lights in these countries during these times of the year:

Alaska: August to April
Canada: August to May
Norway: September to March
Sweden: September to March
Finland: September to March
Greenland: August to April
Iceland: April to August

Northern Lights are often visible in the dark skies when there are fewer clouds. Even a bright moon will dim their visibility. So, ensure you have plenty of time to wait for the perfectly clear, dark sky and high auroral activity.

Always track the aurora forecast to determine when is the best time to look for the aurora. The forecast predicts its occurrence one hour in advance and the best time usually falls between 9pm and 3am.

If you have managed to track the occurrence of the lights, then sit back and wait. It might take hours before you get to experience the strongest auroral activity; sometimes it could take days. It purely depends on your luck.

There will be plenty of light chasers in these countries. If you aren't sure of how to track the aurora activities, then seek their help.

But if you can't take up the trip to witness this natural phenomenon, then fret not! The Canadian Space Agency offers a 24/7 live feed of the skies in Yellowknife, Canada!


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