A lunar eclipse is set to grace the Malaysian skies on October 29. This celestial event is scheduled from 2:02 PM to 4:30 AM Malaysian time.

It's noteworthy that this particular lunar eclipse, occurring after midnight, won't disrupt any temple-related activities. Temples will remain unaffected during the lunar eclipse.

As a result, the Malaysian Hindu Association reassures the public that there's no need for confusion or concern regarding this natural phenomenon.

Observing the Lunar Eclipse 2023: Guidelines and Practices

1. The upcoming lunar eclipse is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, and it is safe to view with the naked eye.

2. It is advisable to abstain from food or drink consumption during the Lunar Eclipse.

3. Placing Basil leaves (Tulsi Patra) in all food items is considered auspicious during this celestial event.

4. Pregnant women are advised not to handle sharp objects such as knives, blades, or scissors during the Lunar Eclipse.

5. Taking a sacred dip in the Ganga River after the Chandra Grahan (Lunar Eclipse) is considered an auspicious practice.

6. Engaging in the reading of holy texts and reciting mantras during the Lunar Eclipse is highly recommended to mitigate its potential adverse effects.

7. Pregnant women are encouraged to place a coconut in their laps during the Chandra Grahan and later release it into flowing water as a symbolic gesture to dispel negativity.

Source: Malaysia Hindu Sangam , EastroHelp. TimesofIndia