Nowadays, gadgets are a necessity (sometimes luxury) that people don't mind splurging on.

We have often seen people lining up for hours outside telecommunication shops to get their hands on the latest smartphone on the market, the same time they are complaining about the rising cost of living.

The following are some of the most (ridiculously) expensive gadgets that have been sold by designers, to cater the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

1) iPhone 5 Black Diamond - US$15 million (RM62.7 million)

IPhones are expensive compared to their Android counterparts but none can hold a torch to this one-of-a-kind phone, made using 135gm solid 24-carat gold, whose chassis is inlaid with 600 white diamonds. In addition, there is also a sapphire in the phone's screen, while the Apple logo at the back contains 53 white diamonds.

Replacing the home button on the black and gold phone is a black deep-cut 26-carat diamond. This ridiculously expensive device was created by luxury product maker Stuart Hughes over a course of nine weeks, after being commisioned by a wealthy Chinese businessman.

2) Ipad 2 Hold History Edition - US$7.8 million (RM32.6 million)

Next on the list is yet another gadget created by Hughes. The term history in the product's name may be an understatement, as the tablet actually contains the shavings of the bone of a 65-million-year-old T-rex dinosaur! If this is not enough, the front frame of the device is also made of Ammolite, the oldest rock in the world.

The tablet also contains 53 12-5 carat diamonds, while the back panel, as well as the Apple Logo are made using 24-carat-gold. The device was reportedly so exclusive that only two units was ever made by Hughes

3) Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure loudspeakers - US$4.7 million (RM19.6 million)

Mind spending almost 20 million bucks to get the 'best sound' in the world? Hart Audio created the sole pair of this 18-carat-gold-covered speaker in the world in 2012.

The company also created five units of silver speakers which cost US$315,000 (RM1.3 million) each, as well as 99 units of speakers made of solid phosphor bronze, which cost US$63,000 (RM263,000) each.

4) Camael Diamonds iPad - US$1.2 million (RM5 million)

This iPad, made by Camael London, is fashioned with 18-carat gold, and contains 300-carat diamonds on the back. The home button and the Apple logo at the back are made using black diamonds.

5) Macbook Air Supreme Platinum Edition - US$500,000 (RM2 million)

Another gadget created by Stuart Hughes in the list, this device is made using 7kg of platinum, and only five of them were made in the world.

6) Nintendo Wii Supreme - US$497,300 (RM2 million)

Hughes made only three units of this product, with 22-carat-gold, over a course of six months. The front buttons of this device contains 78 units of 0.25-carat diamonds. The fact that Nintendo Wii has been discontinued now would not matter for wealthy hardcore gamers, who would treasure this precious gaming console for keep's sake.

7) Sony PlayStation 3 Supreme - US$331,500 (RM1.38 million)

Stuart Hughes is also responsible for crafting this console out of solid 22-carat gold, of which only three units were ever made. It is so luxurious that its disc-loading slot is studded and adorned with 58 22-carat diamonds.

8) Steinway Lyngdorf Model LS Concert Speakers — $250,000 (RM1 million)

These speakers bring a concert to your home at a hefty price. The eight-feet-tall speakers have glossy piano-black side pieces and 24-carat gold accents around its tweeters. The 16-inch-wide speakers reportedly use curved drape made of super-thin bungee cords instead of the common cloth grille.

9) Diamond BlackBerry Amosa Curva -US$240,000 (RM1 million)

The limited edition of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 phone, of which only three units were made by British luxury product maker Alexander Amosu, has a total of 4,459 28-carat diamons on the front and back. The phone's body, meanwhile, is crafted using 18-carat-gold, and it is so exclusive that he device comes with free concierge services for a year!

10) Gold iPad Supreme - US$190,000 (RM795,000)

Only 10 units of this product was made. The back and bezel of the tablets are made using a single piece of 22-carat-gold and the Apple logo on the back has 53 diamonds.

So there you go - 10 of the most expensive gadgets ever made, if you have the cash to splurge. Do you think they are justified for those who can afford it, or are they unjustly priced?

Source: Times of India
Photo source: Google