When it comes to support, who can beat the unwavering love and encouragement we receive from our family?

You don't want to miss this feel-good TikTok video!

A recent TikTok has been making waves online after a car saleswoman, Sharifah captured a priceless moment of the pure joy of a young girl, Kavashini who came to drive off her first car. Witnessed the moment a young woman received her brand new car - and it was a beautiful sight!

@protonpenang Tahniah kavashini Customer online dari tik tok #salesadvisorproton #protonbutterworth #protonpenang ♬ original sound - syalona

The 12-second video showed the excitement in the air was palpable as a swarm of people gathered around the table. Sharifah captured the special moment and this could be one of the best videos that we have seen recently.

It was an ecstatic moment when 12 people came to pick up the young girl's first automobile. Her family members were there to show their support, and some of them even captured the moment on their phones. But what moved us the most was the way her parents looked at her with unconditional love in their eyes.

The way her parents look at their daughter is indeed heart-warming tho…

Over ONE million views and 48K likes have been garnered for this heartwarming story of one person's incredible achievement. We can't express how much we appreciate the genuine support that has come from all corners of our nation.

It's amazing to see how our netizens come together to share their opinions and make us believe in unity! We loved reading through all the comments.

Source: World Of Buzz , Proton Penang