To all the Oru Kalainganin Diary fans out there - there is something special for you!

Helmed by renowned filmmaker S. Balachandran, the drama series features an impressive line of local artists such as Ravin Rao Santheran, Kavitha Sinhya, Krithigah Nair, and more. The series revolves around Varun, an enthusiastic music composer paving the way to become a renowned musician in the local entertainment industry despite his history of being addicted to substances.

Having said that, Astro recently caught up with the series' director S. Balachandran along with the cast Ravin Rao Santheran & Krithigah Nair to talk about their experience working on the project.

When asked about the director’s inspiration for making this drama series, S.Balachandran stated that:

“My inspiration is to deliver an impactful story on the dangers of substance addiction and the aftermath of addiction on individuals, families, and communities. This series also highlights the challenges faced by local artists.”

Besides having eight wonderful songs which helped drive the story. Oru Kalainganin Diary's story and screenplay were intricate with many layers of emotions and timelines.

‘I felt that these songs were unique and had international appeal.’ - Director S.Balachandran

As per the director’s statement, the entire songs in the series were indeed beautiful. Hats off to the music composer who take an impressive effort to deliver the best for this masterpiece.

The main highlight of this drama series will be Ravin Rao and this interview article never ends without the lead actor’s input about his role in the series.

Ravin, who was playing the character of the addict, had to get into character physically and mentally, which included losing weight and spending time talking to former addicts. The hero had also spent a month training with a local music composer, producer, and singer, Shane Xtreme learning the basics of music composition.

Varun is a dream character for a debutant lead actor despite its challenges. - Ravin Rao

According to Varun, he lost approximately six kilograms to get into the character that was given to him. Besides, realising the character is something close to his heart, he managed to pull it off precisely and you deserve a pat on the back for nailing it.

What a wonderful yet challenging role. The experience started way before the shoot when the director and myself visited rehab centres to speak in person with former substance addicts to know their story and it helped me justify the character.

On the other hand, Krithigah Nair who plays the role of Kamali has also shared her experience working with the team.

So, what is Kamali to you?

A role that taught me different dimensions of acting. Kamali is crafted by Bala sir, and I just delivered his vision. - Krithigah Nair

It was a different experience for the talented actress as she needed to change her entire acting style, voice tone, and mannerisms. We have seen Krithigah in different roles but trust us, this time around the role that she played is etched in our hearts.

Fans could stream all episodes of Oru Kalainganin Diary now via Astro GO and On Demand.